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+Bardzo nas cieszy fakt, ┼╝e mo┼╝emy wypozyczy─ç meble stylowe, kt├│re b─Öda opraw─ů na uroczysto┼Ť─ç 10 lecia Teatru Sabat w Warszawie w dniu 10 grudnia 2008 roku
Wykwintne, ręcznie rzeźbione Meble Stylowe Firmy HEPI z najwyższej klasy drewna mahoniowego, doskonale współgrały z eleganckimi wnętrzami Sali Ludwikowskiej Hotelu Palace Polonia w Warszawie, podczas konferencji prasowej wybitnego reżysera,
Pana Romana Polańskiego.

„Heraklit was right when he thought "everything flows", because along with development of humankind many concepts evolve. We are aware of constant changes and surprising breakthroughs, also in decorating and furnishing area.

Nevertheless such futures like elegance, good and sophisticated tastes do not change. They are constantly highly valued, and people possessing them are always admired and adored.

That is why I want You to acquaint with a Hepi stylish furniture catalogue, in which you can see how sophisticated style and taste mix with comfort and functionality. There is no room for coldness of glass and metal. In the land of Stylish Furniture there is only harmony and order. ThatÔÇÖs the task of craftsmen - to change carefully selected solid mahogany wood into unique specimen.

The classical line of Hepi's Stylish Furniture perfectly presents even in the most modern arrangements changing rooms, halls, offices, press rooms and other rooms into beautiful and magic places.”

Sławomir Kołodziejczyk


„Every connoisseur of good taste, comfort and beauty will find something interesting for him in this catalogue”
Małgorzata Maier, interior decorator

„There is nothing more distinguished than antique furniture in modern place...”
Krzysztof Wojew├│dzki, architect, creator of HassanÔÇÖs II King Palace in Maroco

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hand-made Stylish Furniture made of solid mahogany wood:

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